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The Confederation of Indian Amateur Astronomers,Pune.

(R.No. M9347/94,F9742/94)

C-6/12, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057. India.

Tel: 91-22-5164012

Free / Sharewere Astro Software

We have few astro software for you to download from this page. For the shareware sotware please follow the instructions in the software.

We will be updating this page soon with more links and software.


SkyGlobe is a fast, fun, and easy-to-use educational
astronomy program. With it, novice and experienced
stargazers alike can view the heavens as they appear from
their own Home Town or over two hundred other locations,
and can compare a single location's celestial view from the
current date, the ancient past, and the far-off future.
Use SkyGlobe to see the effect of the Earth's 25,800-year
wobble called precession, to practice celestial navigation,
and to learn about planetary orbits.

The METeor SIMulation software - for Leonid Meteor Shower

This program displays a meteor storm to investigate visual observing
techniques under very high meteor activity.

Find the Age of the Moon

A small programme running in DOS, gives you percentage of disk illumination of the moon for your system time.

Space Weight

This Program tells you your weight on any planet!!
All you do is enter you weight select the planet you want and Space Weight will do the rest!!

Telescope Calc

The program calculates important data of astronomical telescopes.
You simply enter objective diameter and focal distance, and Telescope Calc gives you useful magnification, maximum visible magnitude and so on.
This may be useful when you have to decide which telescope to buy or which telescope to use for a special purpose.

Moon Phase


A MSDOS program will use the time and date from your computer's clock to determine and display the approximate locations of a few features on the southern hemisphere of Jupiter as seen from Earth.
Also find impact sites of the fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.


The purpose of this collection of 12 bitmaps of the constellation star maps is to aid teachers and students in locating the constellations as the appear from Northern latitudes. Installation is not required.

More software......

The softwere on this webpage are for the Promotion of Astronomy and personal use only. CIAA has no commercial interest in the distribution.


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