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The Confederation of Indian Amateur Astronomers,Pune.

(R.No. M9347/94,F9742/94)

C-6/12, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057. India.

Tel: 91-22-5164012

You must have enjoyed using the
Observers Planner 1997.
In continuation for 1998, the CIAA has published

Planetary Guide 1998.

The Planetary Guide 1998( PG98) is intended as a companion/supplement to the Observers' Planner 1997(OP97). However, this in no way limits the usefulness of the book to readers who do not have a copy of OP97.

All the planetary data in the book has been recalculated with the same degree of accuracy as in OP97. The main section that is missing in this book, as compared to OP97, is the monthly field trip guide. However, as mentioned earlier, the monthly field trip plans described in OP97 are largely valid for use this year as well. Of course, the data on planetary positions and rising/setting times have changed and that is where this book will come in handy. We would like to point out here that the Astronomical Events section at the end has been compiled with great care and contains the same level of detail and accuracy as the previous publication.

In spite of the fact that this guide is not as comprehensive as OP97, we are sure that this book will prove to be of immense help to amateurs all over the country. The data contained herein can be reproduced and disseminated freely in any form, particularly in the newsletters/other publications of amateur astronomy associations.

You can secure your copy from any of the following address.

Ajay Talwar, General Secretary
B49, Vijar Ratan Vihar, Sector 15, Part II Gurgaon 122001

Nilesh Vayada, Asst. Secretary
4A, Prem Kanku, Navroji lane, Ghatkopar, Bombay 400086
Tel: 022-5164012.

Asis Mukherjee, President
32G/1B, Haramohan Ghosh lane, Calcutta 700085
Tel: 033-3501105

Or email to CIAA

The PG98 is priced at Rs.25/- Please add Rs.5/- for postage.
15% discount is available for order of more then 10 copies.
You may send Cash/DD/MO or UNUSED Postal stamps towards the
payment at any of the above address.

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Observer's Planner 1997.

Released at the 7th AIAAM, New Delhi, the Observer's Planner 1997 has proved to be the huge success among amateurs, new comers and even professionals. Thanks to its unique approach to observational astronomy. The monthly field trip guides, written exclusively for the Indian observers, Or the nitty-gritties of a Messier marathon, Or the many new tricks that improve conventional observation. Little wonder then, proud owners of the book regard it as their trusted companion. So don't let the year bother you.

The Observer's Planner 1997. Grab it while you still can.

Originally priced at Rs.60/-,
Now Available at any of the above addresses for Rs.40/-
(Add Rs.5/- for Potage).

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    Instrumentaions........................INR 15 + 5 = INR 20

    You may send Cash/DD/MO or UNUSED Postal stamps towards the payment at the above address.

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