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                                                                                                                            12th July’2000.


Dear friend,

We are happy to invite 2 representatives of your organisation to attend a National Workshop on the theme "Surya Ki Khoj" which has been organised on 28th and 29th July 2000, at Nehru Science Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

The 2-day workshop is organised by the Campaign Committee of the `Suntrek-Surya Ki Khoj’ programme. The purpose of the workshop is to train the State level organisers of the Surya Ki Khoj mass campaign to study the Sun, which is being undertaken in conjunction with the solar activity maximum which is currently underway during 2000-2001.

The workshop will have a theoretical component, slideshows, films as well as demonstration of a number of simple experimental techniques for mass observation and study of sun/sunspots. Low cost telescopy and no cost methods will be the focus of these methods. (Let us hope that the monsoon clouds will cooperate on 28th and 29th July.)

Arrangements : Modest Residential arrangements have been made at Nehru Science Centre itself for around 30 persons. Accomodation, food and hospitality expenses will be borne by the workshop organisers. However, all participants will have to bear their own travel expenses and make their own bookings/ reservations.


Please confirm your participation immediately by speedpost or E-mail to the following addresses:

1.Director, Nehru Science Centre, Dr. E. Moses Rd., Worli, Mumbai - 400 018.

Fax : 022-493 2668, Email:

Tel. : 022-492 6042, 493 4520, 493 2667.

2. Dr. Nandu Jadhav, Navnirmiti, Discover it, Near Powai Hospital, Opp. IIT Main gate, Powai, Mumbai - 400 076.

Email :, Tel : 022 578 4647, 579 2628.

The detailed programme will be sent to you on receiving confirmation of your participation.

For Campaign Committee



Sub: Proposal for mass public education campaign for studying the SUN.

Dear Sir/Madam,

In 1999 and 1995, two very successful mass public education campaigns were conducted in our country around the Total Solar Eclipse phenomenon. Many of us were active participants in this campaign. However, the next TSE visible in India is many years away, and TSE is a one day wonder occuring as a transient phenomenon, which limits its usefulness for a mass public science education campaign. Some of us working in the field of science dissemination for public have been discussing the possibility of an ongoing campaign without such limitations. The success of the TSE campaign appears to be based on the following four criteria:

1. An unique and unusual phenomenon outside of everyday experience.

2.Simple activities which ordinary people / school students can readily perform.

3.Wide involvement of the scientific establishments and institutions.

4.Media support and coverage.

Is there such a phenomenon, which can be used as a basis for a mass campaign, which is not transient, but lasts for several months? The occurrence of a sunspot maxima began in around June this year and lasting for over a year presents such an opportunity.

Some of us in Mumbai have been discussing the above and working on low cost methods of observing sunspots and are happy to state that a number of safe methods and options have been found which any child can afford and perform.

Very few people ( scientists included) have actually seen sunspots. The sunspots phenomenon seems to score well on all the four criteria mentioned above. Since it will last for over a year, a really effective campaign around the theme of studying sunspots and the sun during the solar maximum period 2000-2001 should be possible with the pooled resources of different science institutions and people’s science movement organisations.

Thus the SUNTREK- SURYA KI KHOJ campaign was conceived and approved by a number of science popularization organisations in different states of the country. Campaign committees are being established in different parts of the country.

In fact we feel that a reaching every school in the country, in all states, and in all languages, through this campaign, should well be possible, making this the world’s biggest exercise in science propagation.

We invite your participation in this campaign, along with the skills, material and human resources of your organisation .

For further details please contact :

Director, Nehru Science Centre, Dr.E Moses Rd. Worli, Mumbai 400018

Tel . 022 - 493 2668 ; 022 - 493 2667 ; 022 - 493 4520.


Dr. Nandu Jadhav, Navnirmiti, Discover it, Near Powai Hospital, Opp. IIT Main Gate, Powai , Mumbai 400076.

Tel : 022-578 4647. 022 579 2628.





The Suntrek -Surya Ki Khoj campaign is a mass campaign of public education and science popularization around the theme of studying the Sun.

The campaign will be carried out in all states of the country during 2000-2001. The campaign has been approved by the All India People’s Science Network as well as many other science popularization organisations in this and other states.

The campaign is structured around the phenomenon of Sunspot Maximum, which is taking place currently on the Sun and which will last for a whole year. Through simple experiments the participants will be able to see and study sunspots. This will be the window for studying many other aspects of the Sun.

The programme , if organised effectively, will reach every primary, secondary and high school in the country. Crores of students will be interested to participate, leading to a growth of scientific consciousness at large.

In Mumbai, a number of organisations have come together to launch the campaign, including Nehru Science Centre, Nehru Centre, Navnirmiti,Comet Media Foundation, and scientists from institutions like TIFR, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism etc.

The target audience will include all schools and colleges, making this an extremely broadbased project.

The campaign will involve the performing of a number of ingenious experiments with low cost and no cost equipment. There will be lectures, slideshows, essay-writing competitions, project work ,articles in the mass media etc.

A national workshop for training the statelevel organisers of the campaign will be held on 28th and 29th July at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai.