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"TSE". `99 – An Overlook form the Gujarat " – View To select your choice of place to observe the solar eclipse from Gujarat.

Dear friends,

The Total Solar Eclipse of August – 11, 1999, watching and camping program is organised jointly by The Confederation of Indian Amateur Astronomers (CIAA), and All Gujarat federation of Amateur Astronomers (AGFAA) for the benefit of Indian Amateur and Professional Astronomers on the different selected places of Gujarat State.


The place for the scientific project holders and the general viewer are arranged separately at the Kutch region of Gujarat with necessary facilities. The Kutch region of the state is considered to be the most suitable place for the watching and enjoying the eclipse, as the possibility of clouds are rather less compare to the other districts of Gujarat State.


The six districts of the state viz. Kutch-Bhuj, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Ahmedabad, Kheda, and Vadodara lies under center line path in the state. The surveyed villages / towns of the districts, to select your observing sites are:

1) Kutch-Bhuj

  1. Bhirandiara:
  2. The place is kept for the Scientific Project holders & general viewers with all necessary facilities like food, transportation (from Bhuj to Bhirandiara only by truck), accommodation, tea/coffee, etc. taking very moderate charge of Rs. 350/- per person. The project holder / viewer should reach at Bhuj station on 10th or 11th August, 1999 before 10:00 in the morning & contact the key person at the inquiry counter (TSE inquiry counter) at the Bus station of Bhuj. The demand draft / MO of the said amount should reach in prior to avail the facilities arranged, before 20th July, 1999 with your name and address, on the name of " The Organising Committee TSE 99’ " addressing All Gujarat Federation of Amateur Astronomers C/o 52, Satchidanandnagar Society, Behind Swati Society, New Sama Road, Vadodara, Gujarat- 390 008.

  3. Samkhiali:

The place is kept for the general viewers. No special facilities are arranged by CIAA / AGFAA. The TSE inquiry counter on the Railway station and Bus station can guide you for the same. Lodging and Boarding available at moderate charge in the village.

2) Rajkot District : a) Ghantila

3) Surendranagar District :

  1. Dhrangadhra, b) Lakhtar c) Halvad d) Tikar, & e) Surendranagar.

All the places of Rajkot & Surendranagar districts are good for general viewers and project holders. No special facilities are arranged by CIAA / AGFAA. Lodging and Boarding locally available at moderated charge.

4) Ahmedabad district:

a) Arnej & Bagodara

5) Kheda district:

  1. Tarapur, b) Petlad, c) Bochasan & d) Borsad.

All the places of Ahmedabad & Kheda districts are good for general viewers and project holders. No special facilities are arranged by CIAA / AGFAA. Lodging and Boarding locally available at moderated charge.

6) Vadodara district

  1. Gokulpura (Nagoma) b) Thuvavi c) Nasvadi d) Sankheda e) Dabhoi, f) Padra & g) Vadodara

All the places are good for project holders and general viewers. The local Municipal Corporation, Taluka Panchayat, and Nagar Palika will provide lodging and boarding facilities free of cost to the project holders.


  1. Please inform your arrival with your group if any, before 20th July 1999 at AGFAA Headquarter at Vadodara. We cannot make any arrangement for the late comers.
  2. For Kutch Region: for Bhirandiara site, it is necessary to send your entries with name and address before 20th July 1999 along with the DD / MO of Rs. 350/- per person payable at Vadodara.
  3. The entries are limited upto 500 person only, for Bhirandiara site.
  4. The detailed survey reports of the center line places in Gujarat are available on the web site: &
  5. For further information / details make correspondence / contact:

  1. Mr. Ajay Talwar :
  2. Mr. Niliesh Vayada :
  3. Mr. Mukesh Pathak :
  1. Online registration form for the same is available at

Welcome to Gujarat to watch the totality during TSE’99. And wishing you all a very clear sky during the TSE.


Thank you very much.

Mukesh Pathak

(Organising Committee -TSE'99)