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The Confederation of Indian Amateur Astronomers,Pune.

(R.No. M9347/94,F9742/94)

C-6/12, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057. India.

Tel: 91-22-5164012

The Confederation was formed in the 4th All India Amateur Astronomers' Meet - Calcutta, on the January 22nd, 1994.The Confederation is a Conglomeration of Amateur Astronomers and Amateur Astronomy Associations all over India. It has a scientific advisory committee for support that is required in its projects and endeavours.

Some of the functionaries of CIAA are like this:

There are zonal representatives of the CIAA representing Northern, Western, Southern, Eastern and Central India. These representatives coordinate activities in their own region. There are also coordinators for observational, instrumentation and popularisation aspects.

The Confederation pictures You, the Amateur, like this:

You are interested in astronomy as a hobby since at least three years. You may be interested in observations of the sky or building a telescope of your own or forming a close group of friends who observe the sky together for the fun of it. You may be seriously involved in an astronomy project like photographing the whole sky, the Messier objects or you may want to observe the occultations of the stars by the Moon, Asteroids etc. You may be hunting to find a new comet!

The Benefits from CIAA are many :

  1. The three coordinators of Observation, Instrumentation and Popularisation issue circulars to all the interested members free of charge.
  2. Through your regional representative, you gather information on the other amateurs in your region, for better interaction.
  3. The Confederation organises an annual meet, in the month of January, for the amateurs from all over India. The Meet is hosted by different Associations every year at different places.
  4. All amateurs are given a chance to present papers regarding any outstanding or unusual work they may have done in the vast field of Astronomy at these Meets.
  5. Any amateur wishing to visit a professional facility or any observatory for a project of his own can approach the Confederation for a recommendation letter.
  6. The Confederation has begun publishing an annual Handbook for all positional requirements of the whole year.
  7. From time to time a Newsletter is published to keep the members appraised of the developments in the Confederation.
  8. The Confederation has plans for many ambitious projects in which you can take part and contribute to the world of Amateur Astronomy.
  9. The Confederation has resource persons to conduct workshops on "Sky and Stars", " Sky Watching" and "Astronomy", through slides, posters, photographs, video films, telescopes, binoculars and models.
  10. The Confederation publishes books and other materials relating to Sky watching, Solar eclipse, Comets, Development of Astronomy and Popularisation.

We invite YOU to become the member of

The Confederation of Indian Amateur Astronomers, Pune.

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